SEI Oilfield Services

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Why Choose Us


At SEI, we heavily invest time, research, and resources into our safety program. Our integrated approach to safety combines the latest technology, research, and equipment to ensure that our employees have the tools that they need to empower themselves to be safe.


We understand that clear communication is vital to ensure that your standards are met during every phase of the job. That’s why we provide multiple points of contact to each customer and uphold a high standard of communication within our team.


At SEI, every job, large or small, is treated with the highest level of attention and professionalism. Each job is meticulously inspected to ensure that no detail has been ignored.


In the oilfield, there is nothing more important than experience. SEI is privileged to employ a management team with combined experience of over a century, and we employ that knowledge and expertise to every decision of our business. With over 24 years of practice and growth as a company, you can rest assured that our skills are established and advanced.


SEI Oilfield Services employs a large management staff to supervise safety, general site practices, and overall performance. At SEI, you’ll find that our field management team is both knowledgeable and courteous, and they’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that each job meets your satisfaction.


We employ a talented staff of oilfield workers who are dedicated to delivering excellent work that they can be proud of. Our team is highly qualified and receives extensive training, coaching, and supervision to ensure that they continually grow in efficiency and quality.


Our programs acknowledge that the oilfield presents situations that cannot be appropriately addressed in “cookie-cutter” training courses. Therefore, we tailor our training to the demands of this industry and its ever-changing environment. We draw on the vast experience of our field supervisors and management team to develop job, task, and site-specific training that ensures safety, quality, and efficiency.


We equip our crews with top-of-the-line trucks, tools, and equipment so that they can perform reliable work with the utmost level of proficiency and personal protection. Our sizable fleet of trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment is fully equipped and thoroughly maintained to meet your needs.